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Here comes an ominous warning. Do not misunderstand that such a calling and such foreordination pre-determine what you must do. What else are we told we are? We do have our free agency, but now let me read you something about that. I tell you I think this was a great risk that our Father was taking to send us down here with the privilege of our agency to make a choice.

Now in order to make our choice and thus gain our eternal rewards, there was something that had to happen to us. Now that is the way it ofttimes sounds, that the things that are forbidden are the things which are the most desirable, and the things that are right for us are sometimes pretty bitter pills for us to swallow, as we say. Wherefore, man could not act for himself save it should be that he was enticed by the one or the other.

Now you think about that for a moment. If everything were good in the world and there were none evil, would you be able to choose anything but good? When you think about it for a moment, the only way there could be free agency in the individuals who live upon this earth is to have both the good and the bad and each one of us given the opportunity to choose for ourselves. The Lord was willing to risk that in order that we might walk by faith and, as free, independent agents, choose the right. The purpose of life was to bring to pass immortality and eternal life. Now, immortality means to eventually gain a body that will no longer be subject to the pains of mortality, no longer subject to another mortal death, and no longer disillusioned, all these former things having passed away.

These are the two objectives for which all of us are placed upon the earth. We have the right to become kings and rulers because of the roles we played in the spirit world before we came here. We were chosen to come forth in this day and time, and we are destined for immortality as are all the youth of this church. Now let me read from the nd section of the Doctrine and Covenants. The Prophet Joseph Smith said this meant that those who were married in the new and everlasting covenant and were true to their covenants, that after they passed through the resurrection they would be able to live together again as husband and wife and have what he calls here, a continuation of the seeds.

Now what does that mean? Increase of what? Increase of posterity.

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In other words, through obedience to His divine command, we here as human beings are given power to cooperate with God in the creation of a human soul here, and then beyond the grave to have eternal increase in a family relationship after this earth has concluded its work. Then shall they be gods, because they have all power, and the angels are subject unto them. Why do people sometimes fail to fulfill the work they were foreordained to do here on earth?

What is agency? Why is opposition necessary in the exercise of our agency? How does the knowledge of our eternal potential influence our daily behavior? Jesus Christ with children from around the world. We are all spirit sons and daughters of Heavenly Father. And she said, "Well, when it happens, I think it's not really him. It's not really Jeff. So I think we kind of -- people in that situation have this kind of paradoxical survival strategy that, well yes, they have to accept it's not the person, it's not really them.

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But on another level, why are they still with them? JAD: Is there something in that belief though, that could possibly be true? I mean, is there something that doesn't change?

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I don't know. I mean, some people might call it a soul, right? Do you believe in something like that? Or is everything purely as fragile as you say? And I think in a case like his -- let's call him Jeff -- you'd have to ask, "Well, what's happened to Jeff's soul? What's happened to Jeff soul in this situation?

Has the soul also been mutilated along with the brain?

Who Am I, Again? by Lenny Henry review – a cry of existential angst

I think I would suggest that this -- the notion that there is a sort of immaterial soul, which some people might believe departs the body at death, and -- and some people might believe takes on another body in a future life, that's an illusion, I think. Other people take a different line on this. And other people do believe there is self stuff or soul stuff somewhere.

But the question is I would put to them, is where? JAD: In the brain? I mean, is it possible we just haven't dug deep enough and found it? What would you be looking for? And what is it you would expect to see? How would you ever know when you saw a soul? What makes you consistent from one day to the next? Like, what makes your personality? Well, what makes me consistent is that I looked -- I have the same body more or less from day to day. I look in the mirror and it's me, usually.

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Well, in fact it's always me. It's never anybody else. But essentially, what I tell you -- and if you'd like to ask me about myself is I'll tell you a story. JAD: If I'm understanding you correctly, ourselves are simply a narrative, a sort of narrative center? It's the story of what's happened to that body over time. This is Radiolab. I'm Jad Abumrad.

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Robert Krulwich and I will continue in a moment. Sloan Foundation, enhancing public understanding of science and technology in the modern world.

cticboymenforf.tk More information about Sloan at www. Today on Radiolab, Robert Krulwich and I are tackling a question which is very big in neuroscience at the moment. What makes you, you? Sounds actually like a childlike question and it is, except no one really knows the answer. Before the station ID, we heard one scientist's theory that the self or the mind or even the soul is nothing but a story the brain tells itself. The notion that what you are, what a self is, is just a story you tell, has some scientific authority behind it.

JAD: Does it? Because I actually didn't exactly know what he's talking about. Ramachandran, who's a world famous neurologist, also believes that what is peculiarly human about us is our ability to construct stories. And he says this ability is new. Or relatively new. It happened at a particular moment in time. And he thinks he knows about when. JAD: The evolution of introspective consciousness. What does that mean?

There are dumb ones. There are smarter ones. And then there's us. Imagine you're a worm. You're crawling through the ground like worms like to do, and you bump into a pebble. Now, here's what a worm doesn't do.

A worm doesn't think, "Dang! I can't seem to move this pebble! Ramachandran is concerned, inside the worm's head there is no picture at all. There is just a set of inherited instincts. No pictures in that worm's head. No story there.

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You give me a creature, but it has to be as more complex one. Monkey swinging through trees.