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On the fifth day of the invasion, Noriega fled to the papal embassy on Christmas Eve. The building was surrounded by U. Noriega finally surrendered on Jan. He was subsequently brought back to the United States and convicted of drug and racketeering charges. He served 17 years behind bars and died at age 83 in Panama City in May Less than a year after the Panama invasion, another foreign crisis absorbed Bush.

'Kinder, gentler,' but 'no new taxes'

On Aug. Bush responded by assembling an international coalition of nearly three dozen nations. Under the leadership of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, a five-month air bombardment dubbed Operation Desert Shield and the subsequent hour Operation Desert Storm land battle pushed Iraqi troops out of Kuwait.

But it stopped short of ousting the Iraqi strongman, setting up the second Gulf War that was initiated in by Bush 43 and resulted in Saddam's hanging. In the election, the elder Bush attempted to capitalize on his overseas successes. In the final days of the campaign, he unleashed this salvo against Clinton and running mate Al Gore : "My dog Millie knows more about foreign affairs than these two bozos. The electorate didn't buy it. By a margin of 43 percent to 37 percent, the Democratic former governor of Arkansas — with little experience in foreign affairs — ended the presidency of the man who prevailed over Noriega, Saddam and the Soviet empire.

Third-party candidate Ross Perot swung the election with 19 percent of the vote. Despite his disappointment, Bush was ever gracious in defeat. In a handwritten note to Clinton dated Jan.

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Your success is now our country's success. I am rooting for you. The note received wide attention during and after the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump, who refused to say he would accept the results of the election if Clinton won. His father, Prescott Bush, was elected to the Senate from Connecticut in Six months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, George enlisted in the armed forces on his 18th birthday and became the youngest pilot in the Navy.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in action after being shot down over the Pacific and rescued by a U. Weeks after his return from the Pacific, he married Barbara Pierce in January After being discharged from the military, he enrolled in Yale and later moved to Texas to go into the oil business. He became involved in politics, and in was elected to Congress. He later became ambassador to the U.

To celebrate his 75th, 80th, 85th and 90th birthdays, Bush parachuted from a plane. Before his last jump, for his 90th birthday, he tweeted: "It's a wonderful day in Maine — in fact, nice enough for a parachute jump. He maintained that sense of humor in other tweets. He posted this on July 30, , while recovering from a broken neck. Days before his January hospitalization, the senior Bush had sent a letter to President-elect Trump expressing regrets that he could not attend the Jan.

With his flair for humor, Bush wrote: "My doctor says if I sit outside in January, it likely will put me six feet under. Trump, however, didn't get any help from the elder Bush to reach the White House. The former president confirmed to author Mark K. Updegrove that he voted for Hillary Clinton in the Democrat's failed run against Trump.

The former president said in Updegrove's book "The Last Republicans" that he considered Trump a "blowhard. Bush, who watched Trump's inauguration from the hospital with his wife, son Neil and daughter-in-law Maria, was released from the hospital on Jan. In addition to sons George W.

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The fact is many young people have trouble choosing their life's work. I was an exception. After college, I knew exactly where my future lay.

Internment of Japanese Americans - Wikipedia

I became a radio sports announcer. It was just a lucky guess. But I know what I would say to any young people who told me that they were torn between different careers.


If they said they wanted to help people in distress, guard our borders, conserve fisheries, battle drug smugglers, enforce maritime law, test their courage against stormy seas, and defend America in times of war, and wear proudly each day the uniform of this great country, then I would tell them just one thing -- I'd tell them: Join the Coast Guard.

Soon, it'll be time for you to receive your commissions and bid farewell to the Academy. It's been said that graduation is a time of sentimental goodbyes coupled with extreme relief. You know, as President, I have a military aide from each of the five services. My Coast Guard aides have been excellent. What I want to know is, how's the awning?

Well -- [laughter] -- I hope that means it's all right. You know, I've often said that there's nothing that makes me prouder than America 's young men and women in uniform. I want to ask the parents: Are you as proud of these soon-to-be officers as I am? And cadets, let me ask you something: For your parents, or that special teacher or friend who helped you to be here today, can we give them a very loud salute?

Internment of Japanese Americans

Well, since your service was founded by the first Congress nearly years ago, it has served with courage and honor in every war our nation has fought. On D-day, when our soldiers hit the beaches at Normandy , there were Coast Guardsmen piloting the landing craft. And some 1, soldiers whose craft were sunk by enemy fire were rescued by the Coast Guard on that fateful day.

Back when Washington bureaucrats were not as sophisticated or numerous as they are today, we named things more nearly for what they were. One of my favorite examples is that one of the predecessors of today's Coast Guard was known simply as the Life Saving Service. And though the Coast Guard does many jobs, I suspect seafarers in distress will always think of you that way. The ship was listing 26 degrees to port in seas that were running 20 feet.

Gale force winds were gusting up to 55 knots, and the skies were dark with rain and sleet. The Soviet ship was sinking. Well, three Coast Guard helicopters came to the rescue. Their fuel was low; there was little time. And despite screaming winds and pitching seas, each helicopter in turn managed to hover above the ship's heaving deck. And the helicopter crews, with infinite care, lowered a wire basket and lifted up to safety, one by one, each of the 37 people on board.