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Why Did We All Want to Kill Our Sims?

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  • Why Did We All Want to Kill Our Sims??
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It is a diseased way of thinking that the author calls Ismitis. Communism, conservatism, Catholicism, pacifism, Nazism, patriotism, socialism, creationism, laissez faire capitalism - all have one thing in common.

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They are closed systems of thinking that provide deceptively easy, all-encompassing, pre-packaged answers to questions that are often objectively unanswerable. They suggest, insist, and sometimes demand, that all of us see and organize our world along party lines. They promise paradise, nirvana, eternal harmony, enlightenment, and happiness to the faithful, and use denigration, vilification, death and the threat of eternal damnation to their doubters.

Throughout history they have set up ism businesses that sell nothing more than false hope and dangerously easy answers.


Laundry was the best and worst thing to happen to The Sims

They accumulate vast fortunes and enormous power selling oversimplification and bad ideas to the masses who are afraid of the unknown and refuse to think for themselves. Kill All the Isms is a Jonathan Swift meets George Carlin approach to the intrinsic absurdity of ideologies - secular and religious - and the venality, megalomania and utter shamelessness of their salesmen. Glenn Beck, Jessie Jackson, Jr. Agree or disagree, you will understand why the author argues that the only good ism is a dead ism. Bestsellers in Humour. Against this backdrop, how much change — and how much of the sense of loss that inevitably accompanies it — can the liberal democratic system of government absorb while retaining its fundamental authenticity and viability?

It is a refreshing diagnosis amid a plethora of doom-laden books, articles and op-eds. We are trapped in the landscape of the twentieth century. The most obvious place to look is at our technologies and the new power structures and manipulative possibilities they bring.

But it is not about to kill our democracies. Runciman also finds that political violence and the threat of coups play nowhere near the wrecking roles they played in Europe before the second world war. He is a reason to panic and he is a reason to keep calm and carry on. He takes us on a grand tour of populist conspiracy politics in Poland, Turkey and India, where it has nestled itself into the philosophy of the governing powers and thus become self-reinforcing.

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Networks can collapse without warning and without human intent. We can sleepwalk into danger, unduly complacent in the face of such mortal dangers. Or politicians can be hyper-attentive to risks and yet incapable of taking effective action, thus walking a tightrope into disaster. He puts it beautifully:. In the middle of the twentieth century, the death of democracy as a form of politics was the precursor for the possible death of civilisation [as a result of nuclear war]. But in the twenty-first century, it is the other way around. Democracy survives because very little can kill it as a form of politics.

The death of civilisation might have to come first. Jason Stanley would most likely disagree vehemently. The tone is grave; this is a matter of life and death for democracy — that much is clear from the outset. If ever a twentieth-century mindset has been brought — self-consciously and purposefully — to the study of early twenty-first-century leaders and systems, it is here. But where Snyder formulates what-you-should-do lessons for democrats, Stanley presents a how-they-do-it diagnosis of fascists.

In brisk succession, he sets out eight such tactics. They come, I would argue, in two clusters. This is achieved cumulatively, by creating a mythical past to support a vision for the present; by twisting the language of ideals using propaganda; by promoting anti-intellectualism with attacks on universities and educational systems that foster critical thinking; and by creating a state of unreality in which conspiracy theories and fake news replace reasoned debate.

Leaders loom large in this book. Stanley finds nothing ludicrous and a lot of fascism in Trump — and in the likes of Steve Bannon or broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, for that matter. In , I was in Warsaw with a group of senior public servants for a two-day visit. On day one, we were received at the Institute of Public Administration, a national training school for public service elites.

As he talked, I saw his assistant, a young woman who had helped us greatly in arranging our visit, become visibly upset. As we walked towards where we would have lunch she almost fainted. We took her aside and asked her what was the matter. In tears she told us that she had received a text message announcing that this very director would be fired the next day and replaced by a regime-friendly successor.

Now we all know how your organization really believes and feels. My only hope is that those children are not permanently brain washed into believing that this behavior is acceptable. John Earnest, the alleged shooter, wrote a lengthy manifesto that cited theology in his twisted rationale for his bloody rampage. Too often, all followers of Islam are scapegoated for the actions of others. Sims was, though. The Wynnefield resident was inspired by her difficult childhood, during which she lived in homeless shelters and once saw her mother doing drugs.

A graphic designer, Sims coaches Muslim moms on how to run home-based businesses. I just wish that people would learn the religion before passing judgment.

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So, I ask questions instead of assuming I know what Muslims think. Skip to content. Jenice Armstrong JeniceArmstrong jarmstrong inquirer. Ayisha Sims far right , founder of Ummah of Philly, feeds the homeless on the last Sunday of every month and has been at it for years. Courtesy of Ayisha Sims.

Most of us walk past homeless people with nary a second glance.