Manual Dancing to Keep Warm (from Les Petits Riens)

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Our partnership with JobTeaser plays a pivotal role in achieving this objective across a growing European network. This way, our future employees will be able to understand if our ecosystem is the right one for them The website insures our visibility among this sometimes hard-to-reach audience. She doesn't eat sweets anymore since she has diabetes. You mustn't go there! Nothing but trashy people hang out in that place.

Turn to the right after the church. I found it just in front of the house. The Cajun drole is rather pejorative. No wonder; it's not surpising that. He dropped his drink on the ground. Variant to reflect pronunciation: alle [used in front of words beginning with vowel sounds]. Il est parti avec elle.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Argot and Slang, by Albert Barrère.

He left with her. It's she who told me that. Marie took on the responsibility of finding us a place to stay. La petite fille s'ennuie de ses parents. The little girl misses her parents. I've almost finished wrapping the presents.

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Les oiseaux s'envolent dans le sud en hiver. Birds fly south in the winter. Are you ready? The children wait for the bus in front of the store. Oscar est dehors. Oscar is outside. On est parent avec Monsieur Babineaux. We are related to Mr. I went to the dance last night. I don't like to be late. Pierre worked with them for 20 years. They can't understand French. Both the 3rd person singular and 3rd person plural forms are heard. I smelled the egg to see if it was rotten.

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The weather is The weather is hot. Il fait beau. The weather is nice. It's sunny. Dans le vieux temps le monde avait l'habitude de faire maigre tous les vendredis. I think they're going to get engaged at Christmas. Variants: fin-fi-fond; fin-si-fond. He fell three times from his horse, but each time he got on again. I was already out of babyhood, of the age of reason, when my mother died. How old was he [in speaking of a young child]? Les contes de loup-garou me donnent des frissons. Werewolf tales give me the chills.

Variant spelling: fromille.

Variant: fourmi. Variant spelling: fromi. My son lives not far from here. Variant spelling: garocher. See also: alliance. Ils se ressemblent comme deux gouttes d'eau. They resemble each other like two drops of water. The crust in the rice pot is the best part. American robin.

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They painted his wagon dark green. We ate grits for breakfast this morning. See also: corusse; guime. She measured a spoonful of vanilla and I watched the brown circles of vanilla disappear. See also: mouler.

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L'herbe coquine cockleburr. See also: arcotchin. Ils is typically used to refer to both masculine and feminine groups. Moi itou, je veux partir.

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I want to leave, too. Variant: aussi. It's going pretty well today. Viens jouer avec moi! Come play with me! See also: besson. We get off of school at Edouard se lamente tout le temps qu'il a pas assez d'argent. Edouard complains all the time that he doesn't have enough money. Get up, we have school today! Catherine wanted to spend the night tonight at her grandmother's, but she forgot her clothes.

My father quit school after the fourth grade. Variant: rougarou. For example, one could be a cheval-garou enchanted horse. The loupgarou and other garou phenomena were legends known in the southeastern part of Louisiana and typically unfamiliar to inhabitants of the western prairies. See also: faucheuse.

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Ca me fait du mal quand je marche. It hurts when I walk.

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A Cajun French-English Glossary

I don't like the way he looks at me. My brother-in-law is kind of lazy. He shot too fast and he missed the duck.