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"MacArthur Park" lyrics

Many tales have evolved, in the media and online to explain the genesis of the song. Here are but a few:. So which ideas are apocryphal, and are any true? We asked not only Webb but also his wife of a decade, Laura Savini. My fallback position after all these years is I will tell you that I've told deliberately false stories to people.

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Newsday covers the stories that matter most to Long Islanders. We dig deep to uncover the facts, hold the powerful in check and keep a watchful eye on Long Island.

MacArthur Park Suite: MacArthur Park / One of a Kind / Heaven Knows / MacArthur Park Songtext

And the truth is that everything in the song was visible. There's nothing in it that's fabricated.

The old men playing checkers by the trees, the cake that was left out in the rain, all of the things that are talked about in the song are things I actually saw. And so it's a kind of musical collage of this whole love affair that kind of went down in MacArthur Park. But it's related to 'MacArthur Park' in that sense. It comes from the same period when I was experiencing things and pretty much transferring them immediately into music. Back then, I was kind of like an emotional machine, like whatever was going on inside me would bubble out of the piano and onto paper.

Savini, a Public Television host-producer, is almost as good a storyteller as her renowned songwriting husband. Nearly five decades after the song's release, she says she's constantly getting queries about it.

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It's art, but in a musical form. You make it what you want it to be.

MacArthur Park Lyrics - Donna Summer

Jimmy plays it down, but it's a heartbreaking song when you listen to just him sing it and you hear all the words without all the orchestrations. It blows your mind -- oh, my God, all the pain in that song.

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‘MacArthur Park’ lyrics

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